Monday, October 13, 2008

These times

Ay yi yi!  I apologize a thousand times over to all of my 3 adoring fans.  I have been so busy. 
Here's a list of things that have been keeping me from my blogging duties:

1.) Looks like I have a new agent for my current book project.  Getting a new agent involves much spit shining of my book proposal and general gussying up of my writing, personality, potential and general bankability.  We'll see how it goes, but keep your fingers crossed.  

2.) Looking for a daycare situation for the twins.  I won't bore you with the woes, but suffice to say that it's painful to send your squishy little tots out into the world of people who are not their parents, family or very close friends. There might be TV out there!  Or Gogurts!

3.) I got sick.  Lame excuse, I know.  But really, the snuffling, the sneezing, the  moaning.  Nothing is worse than facing down 2 two-year-olds when you feel like crap. Quick knock on wood here for general good health.

4.) In case you haven't noticed, there's an election going on, people.  This means I have to spend much of my time with the liberal media reading the NYT and watching The Daily Show online every night.  Plus there are the debates.  Plus the recovery time when my blood pressure finally  returns to normal.

5.)  I got tipsy last Wednesday and it took me two days to feel myself again.  Note to self: quit it with the white wine!  Especially at dinner parties thrown by co-workers.

6.)  I'm keeping bees.  Sort of.  Sunset is keeping bees.  I just like to put on the suit.

That's me with the bees.  Underneath that suit I'm all business casual.

7.) I am finally reading Beth Lisick's newest book Helping Me Help Myself and aside from the fact that she is hilarious and just crazily likable, the book is having the strange side-effect of making me all self-helpy.  It's this smart and funny exploration of the self-help world and while I'm laughing right along with it, I'm also making this on-going mental list of all the ways in which I am going to improve myself.  Here's a good one: character over personality.  In other words, out with the arch and slightly mean gossiping and in with the timely response to emails.  And blogging.  You can count on me again.  Really.  

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