Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Something sweet in the world

Although she does not capitalize and this is one of the things that really bugs me about the internet, I still love Andrea at Hula Seventy.  She is so kind and humble and she has great taste. I think I have a girl-crush on her.
This post, about her 14th wedding anniversary at Old Navy, made me weep.  Read it if you are married or if you are in a relationship or if you ever hope to be and you will be left feeling all sweet and refreshed and like maybe people are good and you are like them and they are like you.  And that, my friends, can be very comforting.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Now I'm old enough to raise money

Twins for change

Yesterday we had our Auction for Obama party and raised more than $8,000.  Our friends were so generous and good-natured and in the mood to bid.  We plied them with hot dogs and potato salad (and white wine and brie because we are, after all, Democrats) and they supplied us with check after check for Obama.  Big smakaroos to them all.  Moo-ah, moo-ah.
Really the only downsides were the multiple skinned knees (so many kids running around--it's as if all of my friends have exploded in the last few years) and the woman whom I'd never met who accidentally put her baby down in a huge pile of dog shit (damn you, Woody!).  But otherwise, the yard was just alive with happy, rosy liberals—all of us smugly munching our foreign cheese and French wine.  And the mother of the dog shit baby still gave $100!  Thank you.
Our auction table--lots of good stuff!

Now it is the day after and I am literally sitting in my underpants having finally roused myself from my Office stupor (kids are napping).  I curse the day (today, actually) when I discovered hulu.com. I'll never nap again. 

I'm ok with my new found laziness though.  After fulfilling my American fundraising duty, I deserve a couple of hours in my underpants watching Pam and Jim and Dwight.  Don't I?

Oh, and I think the statute of limitations is up on writing about my 20th reunion, which happened a week ago (five days if you subtract the two days I spent recovering from my hangover).  So I'll just say it was fun.  It wasn't a seminal life moment or anything, but I did get to dance to Purple Rain for the first time in a long time and since dancing to Purple Rain is possibly one of the few constants on my "things I love to do" list, I have to say I enjoyed myself very much.  I wasn't the prettiest or the richest or the most successful.  But I was fine and everyone was in great cheer and here's a little secret: women age better than men, at least until age 38.  I'll report back at 50 and let you know how it's going (I am not optimistic).  Oh, also personalities don't change.  Details change, but personalities don't.  I've heard that.  Now I know.

Want to give money to save America and the world?  Click here.

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