Monday, August 18, 2008

Yes we can

Just back from a cuckoo's nest east coast vacation with Pete's family in Delaware.  All screened porches and walks into town for ice cream.  The beach, fresh corn, a million little cousins screaming and playing and fighting and eating sand.  My children's first donuts (and, alas, Gogurts and Capri Suns--nasty).  Good times.  It makes me happy to see my little twins all dirty and scratched up trailing after their cousins through the brush.  It feels very Americana and wholesome, even if the adults were busy downing cheap white wine and Mai Tais all the while.

And speaking of Americana. . . because of friends in high places, Pete and I got to attend a fancy-pants Obama fundraiser last night at the Fairmont with our friends Chris and Lee Anne (also not fancy-pants).  All the other attendees had coughed up $2300 for the privilege.  We sort of felt like frauds with our blue VIP wristbands.  Sort of.

We spent all the initial waiting around time (lots of this as candidates are not timely people) nibbling tiny ham-and-cheese sandwiches and scoping out a strange line-up of celebs.  We spied with our little eyes: Alice Waters, George "I-guarantee-it" Zimmer, Carl Pope of the Sierra Club, and Craig Newmark of Craig's List.  We also liked to watch the secret service guys--they look exactly how you think they'd look--all serious and suited-up with little coiled wires springing from their ears.  I kept try to imagine them having sex, but couldn't.  Oh, and they all have a major penchant for hair gel.

Here we are, hobnobbing (ie: drinking free hooch).

After a little warm up from Graham Nash (Pete calls them "Crosby, Stills and Cheese Ball") and Jackson Brown (he of the limp hair and earnest lyrics), and a super-canned introduction from Nancy Pelosi, out came Obama in all his glory.   And glorious he is.  Man, that man is handsome and smart and in possession of an eerie talent for public speaking.  He pushed all my buttons: education, healthcare, single moms, the environment (I know, super girl-liberal lineup). He completely un-jaded me.  I'm hooked.  I'm a true believer.  I even got to shake his hand. 

 You can see from his expression that he was as unhinged by me as I was by him. Sigh.


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jobwich said...

Quite the bicoastal roundup.

I'm sure Rove and the boys would have people believe you are part of the priviledged class, scoffing at the folks in the flyover states. Those lying liars.

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