Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How it started


My newspaper

My dishes from last night

My sleepy son

My funny daughter

My oatmeal

My politics with fruit

My foggy street

My commute

And then I had back-to-back meetings followed by leftover meatloaf.


Kate said...

I love seeing your kids every week. Maggie, in just 2 months, all of a sudden looks like a big kid. I like her new haircut. And it is nice to see proof that you actually live in the foggy part of SF since every time I come, it is sunny and gorgeous.
xoxo, KT

hilary belle said...

me too. i love seeing them too, the cabbages. they already look so different than they did in june.

i also like seeing the seasonal variations of your breakfasts.

and it was nice to see woody's paw in the first shot. wouldn't want anyone to think he was being neglected, right???

kiss kiss

hilary (an incorrigible breakfast-cookie-eater)

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