Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Travel through time—make Polaroids

Everything looks better with the greenish tinge of yesteryear.  I may be a little late to the Carter-era nostalgia party, but I'm loving polaroiding my photos. I learned about it here (can Swiss designers ever be wrong?).
Go here and download this little program.  Then begin reliving your youth.
But be careful.  It's addictive. . .

Oliver travels back to the '70s to pick out a pumpkin

Maggie and Oliver travel back to the '70s in their cool hats

I travel back to the '70s to get loaded at Mark and Chelsea's wedding


jobwich said...

And they still don't have the Polodroid PC version. Serves us right for sticking with handed-down PCs

jobwich said...

And still no Polodroid for PCs. Serves us right for sticking with hand-me-down PCs.

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