Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kids Don't Really Like Santa, They Just Like his Loot

My kids will not sit on Santa's lap.  They love to talk a big game about everything they want to say to him, but the minute we come near him, they clam up, hide their faces, and start whimpering. But here's what they would ask him for, if they could muster the courage:

MAGGIE: Lollipops and cookies.
OLLIE: Lollipops and cookies and black toys and orange toys and candy.

Here' the excellent part.  I can make that happen.  Someday they will ask for ponies or trips to Europe and I will fall so terribly short.  But lollipops and a couple black toys?  I can totally swing that.

A thing I like
I saw these coolio retro-brooches by Elefante, e a vida on the fabulous Mighty Girl.  They are like something my grandmother would have worn on one of her many second-hand cloth coats if she had been a little less small, moody, and Jewish.  I love them, or as we like to say in my family,  I lerve them. I'd say you should buy one here, but it seems they are sold out.  But just you wait, she'll make more. 


hilary belle said...

shall we make a deal? ok, here it is, i'm putting it in writing. if by the time your kids are old enough to want a trip to Europe they still WANT a trip to Europe (after all, there are those teenagers who want to go to South America or say, Africa) and if at that time i don't have any of my OWN cabbages to buy plane tickets for, what about if i promise you to take care of the Europe wish? this all assumes, of course, that my own future financial solvency will take an improved turn. because this christmas, Byron thought it would be a nice gesture to give his vet a salami and the 30€ almost broke me for the week. but that's neither here nor there. let's just say if i'm still childless but miraculously (spelling?) wealthy when the cabbages are 18, the plane tickets are on moi! va bene?

Samantha said...

Va bene! But won't you please moe back here before then? You can keep your pied a terre in Milan!
And Byron is just so generous.

Kate said...

my kids were petrified of santa as well. btw, if you keep them away from tv, then the present requests stay simple. Bethany, age 4, before cable (BC), asked for a snow shovel and an alarm clock. after cable (AC), requests spanned from Bratz dolls (NO WAY), barbie jeep (also axed), laptop, etc, etc, the list was mind-bogglingly long. PBS is okay--no commercials; BEWARE of Nicolodean/Disney-type channels. It really is a sin how successful marketing to small children can be.

LAT said...

Come to think of it, I don't really like Santa either.

Pennington said...

Wow those brooches remind me of something I collect: Joli Jewelry brooches, clips and doodads. Ebay is great to come across the occasional Joli item but I have about 5 pieces from her that I've found at random little shops here and there. She uses vintage pieces of bakelite, jade, buttons and all kinds of found material. I think most of it comes from 20's and 30's costume jewelry.

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