Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oklahoma, where the wind comes rushing down the plains

Well, we're in Oklahoma City after two plane rides, a long layover in Dallas, a hideous meal at T.G.I. Fridays in the Dallas/Forth Worth airport (if you are ever there, please just do me the favor of not stooping to eat at TGIFs.  Even the beer won't help.  Really, McDonald's would be better. Licking an old Cinnabon carton you found in the trash would be better.)

But here was one of the high points:

Oliver (having mastered the air vent above the seat): This feels good.
The Mister: You like the wind on your face?
Oliver: Yeah, 'cause makes me feel important.

Our first view of OKC: two huge crosses created 
from windows lit on big, downtown buildings. 

Famous Oklahomans include 
Garth Brooks and Sam Walton

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LAT said...

ooh pretty lights! And I miss you already, when do you come home?

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