Monday, February 23, 2009

Magnolias in bloom

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It's drizzly and gray again here.  We desperately need the rain, and yet, sigh, it's not exactly a mood elevator.  Except, of course, when you happen upon a Magnolia tree all bursting and blooming and gettin' crazy with huge pink blossoms.  My Magnolia calls them "Maggie trees" and whenever I point one out to her she nods and says, "Now open your eyes and look for an Olive tree for Ollie."  Isn't that magnanimous of little Magnolia? 
Speaking of twins.  If I lived in this Brazilian town, I would STAY AWAY from the water.

A thing I like
Photo originally published in Domino Magazine
I'm sort of addicted to decorating and home blogs (not the nerdy ones, just the room-porn ones).   I didn't used to be like this.  I used to take my ma's old castoffs (Hello, chipped lavender nightstand. Hello, dresser I've had since birth.) and call it a day.  Now?  Well now our little 1941 house in the Sunset is under constant scrutiny and in the throes of a hundred DIY projects.  It's all due to my job as a home editor at Sunset magazine, where pouring over beautiful homes is part of my job description. 
Anyway, right now I am, like everyone else, loving Design Sponge.  I especially like this little tidbit on how to go about remaking a room.  Personally I start by manically perusing Craigslist for used stuff, but some people, as I understand it, start with a grand vision. 

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HBW said...

duuuuude. this whole Tiberio love story has really been a full-immersion opportunity in watching the whole remodeling process. it's gnarly. he gets all excited and all i see is a large Bat Cave with wires all over the place. i'm going to start sending you pictures. i realize i have no architectural skill whatsoever. "this is our bathroom" means nothing to me unless i see a sink and some monogrammed towels. ooof.

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