Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kids who collect weird things

We were driving by a random antique and junk shop with old pieces of china and odd pink vases piled high in the window.  Threadbare knitting bags. Brass candle sticks. Handwritten sign on the door. Looked like it might be open 11-4, three days a week. We were stopped at a red light right next to it. Oliver was rapt.
Oliver: Mommy, that's my favorite store.
Me: Oh.  Really?
Oliver: Yes. It's my favorite.  Will you take me there someday, mommy?
Me: You want to go there?
Oliver: Yes, mommy. Take me to that beautiful store.
Me: Um, Okay.

I think he might be trying to complete his discontinued silver set or something.

A thing I like
Mark Fiore's new political cartoon.  Yes, I am that stunning female announcer voice.  But let's forget about my talent for a minute. Don't you think this is funny?  The starving monkey part?  I had a hard time with that line.  It's funny stuff. Here's the last one I did.  And here's Mark, in a documentary about him.  Cool, huh?

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CSchoech said...

Oh, Ollie! He makes me so happy - such a bright, funny boy!

And...what the hell? How can that be your voice??!! I don't get it. Very good though -- loved it!

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