Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What I learned in school today

This is what I learned at my kids' first day of nursery school today:

1.) I have a distinct tendency towards nervousness. Okay, to be fair, I totally knew this. But this experience really sealed it. It was crazy. Butterflies galore. Heart palpitations. Nervous what-ifs driving the Mister mad (what if the blueberry bars are considered junk food? What if kids are mean to them? What if they are the weird kids? What if we don't like it there? What if no one will wipe their butts after they poop?). You'd think the twins and I had been asked to address the U.N. Naked. In one of those dream-states in which you can't stand up.

2.) In San Francisco non-Japanese parents pack nori in their kid's lunches. And the kids eat it.

3.) I really like name tags. And if they are supplied and then some people are too cool to wear them, I feel slightly peeved all day and it is hard for me to like the non-adherents.

4.) Three-year-olds are wonderful. I knew this too, especially as it pertains to my own kids. But hanging out this morning with 20 other three-years-olds was pretty awesome. First of all, they are really funny but also, they have not yet learned to express disdain. There is no "duh" in their vocabulary. No eye rolling. They are just funny and eager and bright. And, baggies of seaweed aside, they have good snacks and are easily distracted.


Simply Mel said...

I want to be a three-year-old again!

Bellafour said...

Love this. I am actually more of a nervous wreck today as the kiddo is there without us. My nerves are all about catastrophic scenarios, like stray cashews or houdini-like escape tactics. Seaweed, hmph, hadn't even considered it. I just hope we don't get scolded for bringing his snack in our gifted camo-lunch bag.

molly said...

Eye rolling has been slowly but surely establishing itself for about a year now. He also does not like me to walk him into the yard at school but to *leave him at the corner* so he can walk in himself unencumbered by his completely lame and embarrassing mother. He's 6.

And what's your beef with nori?

Up Mama's Wall said...

Molly, no beef with nori. I love nori. It just never occurred to me to pack it as a snack (which is why my kids still subsist on string cheese and crackers).

Bellafour: you better watch out with that camo lunch sack. You just know weapons play is next. :)

Inner Toddler said...

bravo mama. first day of preschool is major. Yes, three year olds are rad - except for the total irrationality. But I hear that only lasts til their like nine or something...

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