Sunday, September 20, 2009

I go where Obama goes: a weekend away

If you've missed me, I'm sorry. We went to DC. Washington DC. Cross number 31 off this list. and let me just say, this is one great city. I sort of expected a lot of suited up blowhards, but it turns out that's only inside the Capitol Building. Otherwise, nice place.

It's Sunday. We're still recovering from last night—the Mister's 20th High School reunion. And a word of advice on that (you can thank me later): let him go to his all-boys Catholic school reunion by himself. You can watch a movie and drink vodka sodas by yourself for one night. He can drink beer in the cafeteria and talk to guys named Stevie. You will both be happier for it.

More later on such topics as drink 40-year-olds at weddings, the FDR Memorial, the Newseum, Georgetown's cuteness, Obama obsession, race relations, and 20-somethings dressed like hoochie mamas. In the meantime, love from Obamaland (sigh).


CSchoech said...

OMG! That's the mister?! He has definitely improved with age!! I can't stop laughing!!

Simply Mel said...

I agree, DC rocks! Especially all the free entry to the museums and Georgetown!

H.S. reunions = nightmares
(The past is exactly that - let it remain days gone by.)

HBW said...

mullet mulvihill.
lovin' it.

i didn't like that picture of the woman sticking a needle in her arm with a child curled up amidst a trash-ridden porch. it really disturbed me. i would have preferred a kitten.

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