Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's not mom jeans but it's not good either

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The worst thing about not working? My outfits, hands down. Now that I'm an urban farming co-op mom who doesn't work outside the home, things have really taken a nose dive in the fashion department.

It's a small price to pay for my freedom, and I hate to get too cliche about how much chicks love shoes but, well, I sort of love shoes a whole lot, and at this particular moment my life really only calls for shoes I don't mind getting spattered with poster paint or filled with sand.
Even looking at clothes has lost its luster. I'm like a depressed person trying to muster the will to get out of the house. What's the point? I think as I pass racks of really cute, black Japanese-y tunics and big ol' Beyonce earrings that would normally have me filled with a rekindled will to live.
I have recently been inspired by a bunch of the preschool moms who manage to pull off these cute yoga wrap/clogs/jeans ensembles, but then I remember the pendulous muffin top that I am working with these days and my fashion slump comes back.

What I need is a uniform. It must involve black Dansko clogs because in a fit of wanting to fit in, I bought a pair. All suggestions welcome. Photos especially appreciated.


Petunia Face said...

Here's my uniform: jeans (not mom), some sort of tank or tee, a cute hooded sweatshirt and flip flops. Not exactly inspired by any means but it works.

Oh, and I have to thank you for suggesting that book "Olive Kittredge." I just finished it last night and woke up this morning sad, knowing that it was over.

Inner Toddler said...

we are living parallel lives. I am actually wearing my danskos as I type. I was a working mom until a few months ago and now I don't know what I am exactly or how to dress and don't get me started on the muffin top. And because I'm just starting my art business and we're broke here in the SF Bay Area I have to shop at Marshall's which is down right exhausting. I need inspiration too.

Katie said...

I'm all about my uniform:

Black Northface Pullover
M-Th - Same pair of brown pants
Alternate black/brown loafers
Any t-shirt under pullover is acceptable.
F: Attire same as home

Adidas or flip flops

Works for me.

HBW said...

i thought we've talked about those shoes before, samantha. they are so SO fugly. but not in an orthopedic-chic way. i hate them. there are much MUCH better alternatives. campers, maybe? they're super cute and comfy. and SPANISH. not DANISH.

the danes make depressed princes and some decent cheese. and windmills. basta.

as for the "uniform"? just ask maggie to pick out your outfits every day. that should make things more fun.

Maggie May said...

that first 'outfit' NO WAY! No. Nu-uh. No! No way!

as far as your uniform, i go for tightish jeans, cute flattering top or tee, vans or flip flops or flats.

Up Mama's Wall said...

Thanks guys. Mostly the uniforms are variations on what I already wear: jeans, some sort of longish t-shit thingy and clogs or flip-flops. But what I need are specific brands and style so I can go out and buy 7 of the same top and just call it a day. Something that bridges the gap between maternity and gut-clinger. I need the perfect tunic, I think. Maybe French sailor stripes. I'm going online shopping. That's the ticket.

Lisa said...

Let me know when you find them. I need help, too.

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