Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What I needs is a secretary

I am not the only one parked at Ocean Beach, sitting in my car and watching the wild Pacific through the windshield. The old Chinese man in the car to my right is napping, mouth wide open. The suburban-looking man two cars away in the silver highlander is smoking a cigarette, (I'm thinking his family still thinks he quit for good back in 2001). On my way in, I passed two old ladies sitting in a Civic, arguing.

Me? I’m blogging, catching the last 27 minutes before it’s time to pick up the kids from the hula-hooping babysitter and make dinner. And really, I can’t complain about the office space. I mean, I have a minivan, and as work carrels go, it’s pretty spacious.

This is what my time is like these days, little snatched moments that I try to stuff with something productive (I have a productivity disease and can only feel happy if I can list some worthwhile accomplishments for the day; this isn’t as hard as it sounds since I sometimes allow myself to count showering among my achievements.). Today my patchwork went like this: two hours on the couch while the kids were at school, then three more hours at Peet’s until I got kicked off the Wi-Fi. Now it’s Ocean Beach, with surfers tumbling in the white water right in front of me and the crazies sticking yet more old seagull feathers in their dreadlocks.

And in the killing-two-birds-with-one-stone category, I’m pretty sure the sun baking me through the windshield is good for my cold.


Simply Mel said...

Is it possible to catch the productivity disease because I really like the symptom of sitting on the sofa sans kids!

Up Mama's Wall said...

Oh yes, I can see now now that the "two hours on the couch while the kids were at school" sounds like maybe I was relaxing. Alas! The couch is my home office. I was working (and blowing my nose a lot).
But because I was so super-productive yesterday, I did allow myself a little So You Think You Can Dance after the kids were in bed.

Petunia Face said...

I love nothing more than those stolen moments in my car--when I take a wet wipe and dust off the dash, the doors, the steering wheel (it gets so dirty!). I totally have that disease: why do one thing when you can do seven at one time?

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