Monday, January 4, 2010

She can do it!

Maggie has been working on this for months, years really. And now she can cross the monkey bars all by herself, just like a real girl. Oh the years of competition and broken arms we have ahead of us. The lying flat on her back in the tan bark, unable to catch her breath.
I am so proud. But she is really the proud one. When she hops off at the end of those five bars, her pink smiling cheeks glow like the skin of a bubble gum bubble.
Oh, Mags. You break my heart a thousand different ways.


CSchoech said...

She's awesome! I miss her so much!!

Anonymous said...

way to go Maggie! Bethany could not do that until 6 or 7!! so glad the blog is back.
xoxo, kt

Simply Mel said...

She is a champ, or maybe a chimp?! :)

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