Monday, April 26, 2010

April is National Poetry Month, after all

This weekend we enjoyed some spontaneous, on-demand street poetry. No corrections. No revisions. First you pick out a scrap of paper. Then the poet asks who you are and what you like and gets tapping. It takes about two minutes and it is sort of amazing. You should hire this Silvi for your next big party.

When asked what they liked, my children answered "mako sharks," and "cribs."

I had this one written for my friend Hilary, who likes to swim way out to sea.

I wrote this one just now. You should try it. And please send me the results!

Street Fair

If your sticky frantic kids are stopped in their tracks
by the tapping of an old red Royal,
a girl with a bob
Stop and buy them a poem.
Then get some kettle corn
You are learning to enjoy yourself with every step.

San Francisco


HBW said...

laughing clutching our tummies
in a mini van, parked
in a park on the grass
glasses in hand, felice
on the lido, hands on the bike
urban hikes
haiku love you
much more than kissing
jessica stein
(or anyone else)

HBW said...

i forgot to title it.
it's called

TheMantha and Me

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