Thursday, May 20, 2010

12 good things that have happened in the last 17 days

photo from here

1. The birds found the bird feeder. Finally.

2. We took the kids to their first Giant's game.

3. The Mister caught a foul ball.

4. I discovered (and devoured) Breaking Bad

5. I had this conversation about marriage and child rearing with Oliver:
Me: Do you want to get married?
Oliver: Oh, yeah.
Me: And what do you think marriage is?
Oliver; It's just like you get to be with your friend forever.
Me: And do you think you want to have kids?
Oliver: Yeah.
Me: Why?
Oliver: I think I will be a really good dad. My dad is the best dad.


Oliver: Actually, maybe I won't have kids.
Me: Why not?
Oliver: Well, taking care of kids is really hard work.

6. Maggie proposed to me (three times). I said yes. Then she reminded me that I'm already married.

7. My kids discovered photography.

8. My dad and I found two perfectly good nandinas on the street, took them home and planted them in my garden.

9. The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer finally came out. I read it in galley months ago and I've been waiting to gush and now I can. It's tremendous. It's important. It's amazing. Read it. You won't be sorry.

10. We went out for pie. In the middle of the day. For no reason.

11. I signed up for a recording and interviewing workshop with these amazing ladies.

12. I bought tickets for this.


Johanna said...

Kitchen Sisters -- whoa! That sounds amazing. Please post more transcriptions of your conversations w/ M&O. They're the best.

Petunia Face said...

Just finished watching 2 Tivo'ed episodes of Breaking Bad and now really want a shower. How awesomely dirty is that show? Yo?

love your list. And your kids.

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