Sunday, November 2, 2008

cute kids, orange things, and clown faces

Happy Monday (God, I hope so)

It's been a sopping wet, sniping, grouchy few days.  Everyone, parents and children alike, acting like brats.  All-in-all kind of bleak.
But here are a few things that made me laugh despite my curdled mood and general snarlishness.

1.) Today, the day after my mother's I'm-65-and-on-Medicare birthday party, we were hanging out with the totally exhausted and strung out twins and they decided it was really fun to unzip my mom's cardigan.  Totally spontaneously my mom decided to do this sad clown face as they unzipped.  Since my kids are distressingly concerned with making people happy, they quickly set to work zipping her sweater back up, at which point she put on this weird, creepy-clown exaggerated grin.  They did this over and over.  Unzip, clown frown.  Zip-back-up, grotesque weirdo clown smile.  She looked just like one of those velvet painting clowns with the five-o'clock shadow.  The kids were going crazy.  I was weeping with laughter.  As I write this I feel that it's possible that I was a little more hung-over today  than I originally thought. 

3.) My friend Lisa's new blog about orange, which, let's face it, is a really nice color. 

4.) Obama's chances on Tuesday.

5.) Oh, and I got an email from some guy at a TV production company in LA asking me if he might recommend me as an on-air expert for their wedding blooper show.  So, you know, Mary Hart, look out.

6.) This butterfly and bumble bee.

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Lisa & Russ said...

AH -- dor -- able! And I love the flora thematics. Pretty soon you'll be discussing birds and bees with those two.

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