Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh my God.  Oh my God.  Oh my God. This is better. Much better.
Here is the text of my 65-year-old father's message to me tonight.  He's in Vermont, three hours ahead:
"Hi Sam. It's your dad. It's whatever time.  Sometime after midnight on a very historic evening.  I'm very happy.  I just, I feel like--I know you are too--so I just wanted to say hi and say the world got to be a better place tonight.  Anyway, I love you and I'll talk to you soon.  Bye."

Amen.  Man, am I ready for this.  Hallelujah.  


Kate said...

yipppeeee from the east coast. I'm so proud that my state came through for Obama. I woke Bethany (who did GOTV with me over the weekend and poll greeter on Tuesday) at 11 pm EST to tell her that he was the next president and she sleepily grinned and said, wow mom, the next 4 years are going to be GREAT! I thoroughly agree.

Samantha said...

I know. I just can't stop grinning! I'm so happy. I don't know if I've felt this un-cynical since about seventh grade. Yay Pennsylvania. Yay America!

hilary belle said...

on behalf of indigant, intelligent, italians, may i please apologize for the comments of Berlusconi regarding Obama's "qualifications" (young, handsome, and --cringe--suntanned). it's like a nationwide shame-fest over here.

people are actually APOLOGIZING to ME. so i am just passing it on.

Berlusconi is actually worse than Bush in terms of pure stupidity. and he's like a felon. he just happens to run a less-influential county.

nanbowles said...

Vive Obama!!!! but can we PLEASE get Michelle Obama a stylist!! THAT DRESS!!!!! is so horrible, how did they let her wear that!! poor thing.

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