Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mama gets a moment of peace

The moment has finally arrived.  The big twin payoff we've been waiting for. My kids now play together.  They've always played next to one another but now it's like they are really little friends. This morning I heard them making plans to go to the airport.
"You've got to hold hands 'cause car coming," Maggie said, officiously grabbing Ollie's paw. And then off they went with the giraffe suitcase packed full of essentials like letter magnets, a wooden toaster and a few board books.  According to Maggie they are headed for grandma Charlotte's house, Mexico, and a bunny hole.  Sounds like a fun trip.
I hope they come home soon.

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molly said...

Now *that* is the kind of trip I'd like to go on. Ernie has been asking for a brother or sister. He would prefer a brother but will take either. What he's getting is neither, poor thing. If only he had a twin.....

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