Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A roundup of cool links to design stuff and ideas and people in the blogosphere

A few things I think you should know about:

This woman beat me out of a job at Cafe Mom. Yes, I was going to take this blogging thing to the big time.  I tracked her down and found her all over the place. It turns out I like her.  So, Happinest meet Up Mama's Wall.  Up Mama's Wall meet Happinest, and Mamazine.  Yes, you are welcome to my 25 regular readers (That's right, I've grown!).

Here's Undrgrnd. Sign up for their daily newsletter and buy lots of cool, design-y things for your home that you don't need.  The good news is that they are marked down, a lot.  Like sometimes by 80%.  Enjoy.  

Also, in case you're feeling stuck.  Here are some ideas from Free Idea Factory.  Why didn't I think of that?

Finally, that agent who liked me and then changed her mind about my new anthology, sort of changed her mind again and now she has submitted my essay about hating my dog to the NY Times Modern Love section.  I tell you this because I need your good vibes.  You know, from your lips to God's ears and all.   

1 comment:

hilary belle said...

oh dear, i knew it would come to this. me, with no kids, no crafty skills, no desire to home-improve my rental apartment, am getting slowly edged out of your target readership.

i guess at this point i need to face up to reality and start reading those blogs dedicated to single ladies of a certain age, whining about the lack of available men and how smug their married friends are and how bloody mary's are actually a totally valid stand-in for dinner. is that what it's come to? is this where the divide begins? on the blogosphere??

anyway, Café Mom looks just great, but i think they've got nothin' on the menu for me.

i promise to read you silently from now on...

your dedicated, cabbage-loving, but cabbageless friend,

SGoCA (single girl of a certain age)

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