Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our family supports your family--Down with Prop. 8

Maggie & The Mister stand up for what's right

Me: Guess what guys?  We're going to a protest this morning.
Oliver: There will be lots of toys there!
Me: Um, no.  But there will be lots of people and music and dancing.
Oliver (losing interest): Mommy, I want banana bread.

Oliver: I'm so 'cited about the toy chest, Mommy.
Me:  Oh, Oliver.  It's a protest, not a toy chest. 

Poor kid thought we were going to some giant new toy chest big enough to hold dancing people and drums.  Instead he gets a whole lot of cheerfully pissed off gay people and a little distorted disco music.  Still, in the end, I believe it's better for them. 


hilary belle said...

ok, samantha, i have to tell you this. and i do hope your cabbages won't read this when they get older. but i detect an ever-so-slight favoritism here: you give Ollie all the great lines!! between choo-choo man/guy and toy-chest/pro-test (i'm with the toys on that one), it's like...ARE YOU PLAYING FAVORITES?? poor maggie. she's a girl, and consequently smarter so maybe she doesn't make mistakes as much. but i think you need to keep this clear bias in check.

on another note: i am HONORED they wore the BIRD SHIRTS to such an important civic event.

Samantha said...

Oh dear. I feared it might seem that I am playing favorites. I assure you I have no favorite. I do love them for their very different personalities. But here's the thing: Ollie talks more. He's like a complete chatter-box, show-off, clown. What can I do? Maggie and I have a very sentimental relationship. I could write about her petting my face and telling me,"I yuv you, mommy." But where's the tension? Where's the narrative arc?

MirandaJ said...

i was there! i wish i had seen you!

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