Monday, January 5, 2009

Just make the bed: simpler New Years resolutions

I think I messed up.  I have no gift for resolutions.  I mean, how am I supposed to measure whether or not I'm being nicer than the situation calls for?  It's certainly something to keep in mind, but as a resolution it's sort of dumb.
And number 4?  The one about my career?  That's just a cop out. 
So here it goes, my revised 2009 resolutions inspired by other, more gifted resolution makers like the folks at Apartment Therapy and Andrea of Hula Seventy.  Those people know how to make lists!

1. Lose fifteen pounds (I'm nothing if not consistent).
2. Replace my closet doors with long curtains made of beautiful fabric
3. Make the bed everyday.
The new and improved number 4. Write five pages of fiction every week
5. Say or do one nice thing for The Mister each day.  This can be as simple as pouring the morning coffee.

This is so much better, don't you think?  I'm going to print it out an post it above my desk. And that right there is resolution number 6.
Please write and tell me your resolutions.  I just adore self-improvement.

A thing I like
Okay, now that I am BUYING NOTHING until April, I keep coming up with a million things I just love and have to have.  In some weird way, though, it's sort of fun not to get them.  It's the same feeling I got registering for wedding gifts—like a virtual shopping spree.  All of the retail high, none of the money.  Still, I'm keeping a list.  Which in and of itself takes a lot of the pressure off buying.  Here's the first thing: a gold pouf from Tazi Designs.  Beautiful, no?


Anonymous said...

you asked for resolutions:
1. Stop being a short-order cook for dinner. (very liberating: I served veggie lasagna and salad tonight and Tyler had to prevail upon the kindness of his older sister to make him a bowl of cheerios.)
2. I'm going to steal yours b/c it is so good: say or do at least one nice thing for my husband.
3. Go paperless to eliminate all junk/snail mail (except fun stuff), since that mail constitutes about 30% of my recycling.

Samantha said...

The short order cook one is great. If we could all just get over the fear that our children would starve, they would all probably be less picky. Meanwhile, Ollie is down to zero vegetables on the "will eat" list.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered an AWESOME brownie recipe that I swear is delicious and contains an ENTIRE package of 12 oz frozen spinach pureed with carrots. I have had some serious bakers and serious choc-o-holics be astonished at what was in my brownies. Wait'll they taste my 4/20 brownies! ;)
Let me know if you want the recipe.

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