Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kids, surfing and why eco-paint is so great

True and real conversation overheard in front of the surf shop by my house:

GUY WITH SURFBOARD BALANCED ON HIS HEAD "Dude, the thing about kids it they totally cut into your surfing, big time."
ME: [to myself] "Duuude. You have no idea."

I mean, look at me.  Two kids and I NEVER surf!

A thing I like

I've edited stories and written about low and no-VOC paint for Sunset a couple of times without thinking too much of it.  That all changed last week when I decided to paint the kids' room a lovely mandarin orange (see it up there?  isn't it nice?).  I went with no-VOC paint because my overbearing conscious was going to accuse me of endangering my spawn if I didn't.  And let me tell you, it was a revelation.  Painting without those heady toxic fumes really does make a huge difference.  I could have painted forever.  I LOVE painting.  I'm going to paint everything I own and then I'm going to go to your house and paint everything you own just so you too can experience the joyful revolution that is no-VOC paint.  


LAT said...

All right! You can start in our back room, floor walls ceiling, and then move forward. I want all mandarin, like the kids walls at your place.

hilary belle said...

DUDE! i totally hear you about the joy of painting. so fun. and i think mandarin & cabbage is a lovely combination.


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