Saturday, January 17, 2009

We're here.  So far, so good.  Activities to date include:
-Happy hour margaritas down at the beach.
-Swimming in the pool.
-Much quesadilla eating.
-The kids trying to figure out the concept of Mexico.  Is that store Mexico?  Is that tree Mexico? It's all Mexico, we say.  Mexico is all around us.  They look at us like were crazy and then take off running down the beach like they've been here all their lives.
-One big fight with mom followed by a trip to the fabric store.
-Twelve hours of sleep (for us and the kids).

Tomorrow we leave civilization for Yelapa.  I'll report back in a week.  I certainly hope our trip is better than Mighty Girl's. Yikes!
Have a good one.  And drink some tap water in our name.

A thing I like

Twelve hours of sleep. 


Hilary Belle said...

ha! ok, you ARE in mexico! sorry, i sent you an absurdo long email--you don't have to read it until you get back. i like that they don't understand what the "mexico" part is all about...those cabbages! and do they notice that people are speaking a different language? are they nakud? can you send me some picturs of them nakud in the sand? with sandy buttocks? thanks. it's bleeping COLD in milan. eat something spicey for me.

molly said...

Beach with kids is great. Now that you're there, isn't Mexico *way* better than Disneyland?
No money belt for you!

Anonymous said...

very jealous....12 hours of sleep.
...but I got to watch the inauguration, ha, ha!

Lisa & Russ said...

I'm glad you're having fun. Ahhh happy hour in the sand sounds lovely. The salad days... How do you say chillax and be safe in Spanish?

yeh yeh said...

Come to think of it, I don't know what Mexico is either; it's been at least 40 years (could that be??). Guess I'll find out next month. No beach though, just a big lake (Patzcuaro) and plenty good restaurants I'm told. I'm nervous about the bugs (the invisible ones) and scorpions but otherwise almost excited. See you in SF!

Michelle said...

to good photos!!!

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