Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dating 3.0

The Mister and I had a date day yesterday, a thing we try to do once a month.  We look forward to it the way kids look forward to Christmas and birthday parties and turning 10. A whole kid-free day to what we please together.
Here's what we did yesterday; it was very romantic.
1. sanded and primed these new dining room chairs we got for free off the street (stay tuned for photos, they're going to be sweet!)
2. mailed our taxes.
3. shopped for toilet paper at Smart & Final, where we also picked up a 3-pack of Kleenex and a bottle of bourbon.
4. bought at case of wine
5. browsed a discount upholstery warehouse and bought fabric for above-mentioned dining room chairs (it has pheasants on it, but trust me, it's very cute).

This is the late-30s, married with kids version of a hot date, I suppose.  But before you get to feeling too sorry for us, I must mention that we also went out for the best BLTs on the planet, and took a "nap." It was a great day.
What was your last great day?

A thing I like
These Tessa clogs, which I wear everyday.  I'm not convinced they aren't responsible for my increasingly alarming back problems, but they are so nice-looking, I almost don't care.  Buy them here and get on the ride.


beth said...

where did you get that BLT?

Samantha said...

Oh, sorry. Zazie on Cole St. Really, it's the best (that's not the actual sandwich pictured.)

HBW said...

glad to hear it. that BLT in the picture scared me. it looked way too refined for what a real BLT is supposed to accomlish. arugula?? fancy mustard? where's the Kraft mayo and the iceburg? uffah. not EVERYTHING needs the alice waters treatment, no?

molly said...

Am I mistaken or is that the BLT from the 2006 Sunset Tomato Party story? If so, that is not fancy mustard but homemade basil aioli. However you feel about fanciness and mustard and how aioli falls into that picture, I will tell you that thick-cut artisan bread makes that sandwich impossible to eat.

Samantha said...

Um, yeah, about that BLT. It's not exactly old traditional: roasted tomatoes, chevre, and thick cut bacon on Foccacia with, I believe, arugula. Yes, white bread and iceburg have their place, but THIS, this is so delicious.

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