Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What can you accomplish in three years?

  Check out what Maggie has done in the last 35 months.

She's gone from this (standing on my hand at 2 days old)

To this (rocking out to Tom Freund while chewing her first piece of gum)

Impressive, huh? How have you changed in the last three years?

A thing I like
This hilarious essay by Starlee Kine, formerly of This American Life.  To my mind this is humor writing at its best: short and sweet, all about voice, quirky, relatable without being predictable or hackneyed.  I once used it in a class I co-taught on humor writing and a few of the students didn't really like it.  To which I say, I don't really like you. Seriously, if this is not funny to you, maybe we need to rethink our friendship.


Kari said...

I took the class, loved the class, read the essay, loved the essay, and--lo--am allowed to continue to be your friend. This is a huge relief to me.

In fact, upon reflection, I owe you thanks. I took one class from you and one class with you and both resulted in things I'm proud of. Merci.


HBW said...

me too! i love the essay too. but you know what? i am not digging those clogs in the blog entry above. uh, am i on the brink?

ps. love the "seashells" tune maggie rocks out to. does that make me HER friend?

Samantha said...

Yes, HBW, you are definitely Maggie's friend. And that seashell song is by a musician we LOVE. Maybe he will play here while you are here in August and we will go see him. Seashells is from his album for kids. Swoon.
But, You don't love my clogs?!?!? This is an issue. I think they might be my signature item, like Warhol's hair. I think when you see them in person you will change your mind. God, I hope so. I mean, I so lovingly embraced your weird Swiss orthopedic shoes!
And KARI--I'm so glad. So, so glad.

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