Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What would Michelle do?

Here is something strange that's happened to me since the election of Obama: Every time I find myself doing some odious task (wiping out the toddler potty, running to the grocery store with two kids because we have nothing to pack for lunches the next day, weeding, folding mounds of tiny kids clothes) I start thinking, "This is something Michelle Obama doesn't have to do anymore." 
I lose myself in daydreams of Michelle at home at the White House while the girls are in school.  She has her feet up.  She looks great (as we all would if we never again had to suffer that internal struggle between vacuuming under the kids beds or having a glass of wine and staring off into space). 
Maybe it's because I know that she was once a normal person who had to buy peanut butter and get up in the middle of the night to change pee-pee sheets. And now, she is not.  She lives a life free of these worries.  It's kind of fun to think about, isn't it?  What would you do with all that time and mind space?   I know one thing, I'd read a lot more magazines.

A thing I like 
I just found out about this movie Away We Go today and now I am so looking forward to it I am a little frantic.  I am so looking forward to it I am already trying to figure out how I might dole it out judiciously, so as to savor it more.  High expectations, I know.  But, come on?  Dave Eggers, Vendela Vida, John Krasinski (swoon a million times over) and Sam Mendes. 


CSchoech said...

OMG - I can't wait to see Away We Go. I'm totally with you about John Krasinski and I love the stroller scene plus the line "why would you want to push your kid away?!

Samantha said...

I know! That stroller scene is too good. I once asked someone if they had the kind of car seat that lifts out and snaps into a stroller and she replied, "I don't believe in encasing my baby in plastic, I believe in holding her."
You know Vendela Vida is my better self alter ego. If I were smarter, prettier, luckier and more industrious I'd be just like her!

HBW said...

i have decided i am not going to leave you any more comments or write on your FB page because you never even ACKNOWLEDGE me or write me even the briefest or shortest of emails.

this is the last time i do it.

but i think about the obamas all the time. it's starting to worry me. i had this devastating dream in which tiberio came into a room and caught obama rubbing my hair. i tried to explain that obama was merely recommending a hair product to tame my kinks, but tiberio didn't believe me and even i doubted myself. and then the dream fast forwarded in time and we had managed to restore harmony to the couple. so much so that i was pregnant. and while the doctor was moving that sonar thingy on my growing belly, he said to me, "how interesting--your baby is black!" and i realized that i was going to have obama's illicit baby. i know it doesn't sound that devastating, but it really was.

another thing i think about in relation to obama is the smoking thing. i suspect he hasn't managed to quit. as i haven't either. and i love him for it. it makes me feel like it's ok to have weaknesses. and that you can a smoker and still be a good person. but of course, i will quit. really really soon.

that's it. i'm NEVER writing to you again.

Cheryl said...

I love that photo of the Obamas! A similar photo of any other presidential couple probably would not work.

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