Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cluck cluck here—a chick video

They are growing.  I swear.  We've had our chicks for five days and they are BIGGER.  They still poop in their own food and fall asleep like they've been cold-cocked, but they are starting to seem distinctly chicken-like.  There's a beadiness about the eyes and these funny little chicken mannerisms like pecking and scratching and stretching one foot out behind them. Are they cute?  Oh yes they are.

Which, of course means we have to get going on building a coop.  Before we know it, the eight weeks will be up and our little birdies will be pullets and ready for the great outdoors.  I can't wait to start tossing them bugs. 

A thing I like

Mustache napkin rings.  Need I say more?


HBW said...

ok, i'll do it. i'll ask the question that everyone is wondering but nobody dares to mention:

uh, you have a dog. when these, uh, 3-month chickie-hens get their coop and all, and that coop is outside in WOODY's territory, i mean, what do you expect the poor guy to do? he's a DOG, for crying out loud. a distant but genetically close cousin to the FOX and the WOLF. he's going to want to eat those guys. it's natural. it's his JOB.

how are you planning on handling this situation?

Samantha said...

Funny you should ask. When we got Woody from the pound pretty much all we knew about him was that he had killed a chicken (in SF?). Our coop will be dog-proof. We are trying our best to get Woody used to the chicks. But, yes, if he gets to them, he will kill them. The trick is not letting him get to them. Chicken wire. It's all about chicken wire.

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