Friday, April 24, 2009

Mommy fantasies

This is how I might look if I managed to get my kids back in (only not so hot)

I am not one for gushing. In fact, I often prefer complaining, but this morning I had just stumbled out of bed and was sitting blearily on the pot when Oliver opened the bathroom door and said, "Mommy, I am going to make you happy." Which, based on the rest of the day, was absolutely clairvoyant and spot on. Sometimes I love my kids so much I want to put them back in my body so I can get closer to them. Is that weird? I mean, really, what's weirder, wanting to put my big three-year-old kids back in my body, or wanting to sneak off to the airport, fly to Marrakesh and start my life over as a rich bohemian who can totally pull off the caftan look? Because these are the things I waver between.

A thing I like

Looking at the literary tattoos on Contrariwise (which I found out about on the Green Apple blog) is addictive. I actually think tattoos are kind of juvenile (I have one; wish I didn't) but many of these are moving. The one above, from the Giving Tree is a tribute to the guy's mother who he calls "my giving tree." Corny? Maybe. But I'll take it.

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