Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday My Darlings

Dear Magnolia & Oliver,
Today you are three. No longer babies but real, honest-to-God kids. I remember so clearly gazing at your amazing faces when you were these tiny, larval newborns and saying "You're so wonderful.  You're so wonderful."  And you would look back at me and try to focus. And if your eyes managed to rest on mine, I would think you were geniuses. But, believe me, your baby selves can't hold a candle to what you have become.  
You are both so loving and funny and smart and affectionate and curious and brave.   You know the word "celebrating."  You can say "That's a huge spider" in Spanish. When I am having a hard time, you rub my back instinctively.  You dance on your tippy toes and like Motown and eat uncooked spaghetti. There is not a bug you are unwilling to pick up. 
I am just in awe. In my eyes, the air around you veritably sparkles. Happy birthday.  I love you so much. 
xoxox Mom



CSchoech said...

I like to start my day with tears in my eyes. Thanks.

HBW said...

uh, i'm going to take the comments in a less sentimental direction...SWEETJEEZUS, WHAT KNOCKERS!!!! i almost spit red wine onto the keyboard screen, samantha.

anyway, i can't wait to see the cabbages at three. they're so BIG and really seem to very good at interprative dancing. i think however, i have some moves i could show them.

big kisses from milan. and who's that song by? it's great.

Samantha said...

Those are post-partum milk boobs. They no longer resemble that photo!
The song in the video is the one and only Mr. Willie Nelson singing "I Love the Life I Live" on Across the Borderline. Now that I have seen Prince, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, I really only have to see Willie Nelson play to feel complete. Dolly Parton and Madonna would be nice, too.

MirandaJ said...

wait. is that photo for real? i cannot believe it. it must be the angle. right?
happy birthday oliver & magnolia!

HBW said...

madonna NO. she's lost any irony she once had and takes herself WAY too seriously. beyoncé would be way more fun.

can you not think i'm weird, here? but i am going to BEG you to send me that photo via email. like something i can print out and put on my fridge. i promise not to give out your name and phone number to inquisitive houseguests. unless you want me to, that is.

PLEASE SEND. i've never seen anything quite so impressive. you are the Queen of Mammals. i bet not even OctoMom has a rack that big.

(what do they look like now?)

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