Thursday, April 30, 2009

A few parenting miscalculations

I settled any car seat rebellion by telling my kids that it's the police, and not me, who insist on all the strapping in. It worked, but I fear I may have instilled in them an overblown sense of the police department's sphere of influence.
ME: Oliver, don't climb the cupboards.
OLIVER (using the kitchen drawers as steps): Why?
ME: Because they are going to break.
OLIVER: And then the police will have to come and fix them?
ME: No, a carpenter will have to come and fix them.  And carpenters are expensive.
OLIVER (weighing the legality issues): And then the police will be mad?
ME: Yep.  Really mad.

Also, I may have miscalculated trying to sell flossing as "fun."  Passing off weeding and putting toys away as competitions, however, has totally paid off.

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