Monday, May 4, 2009

Naked Gardening, James Beard, and How to Make A Baby

First of all, a massive congratulations to my Sunset coworkers on their James Beard Award!  How cool is that?  They won in the food blogging category and if you haven't already been following the one-block diet blog, may I suggest that you do?  They may have single-handedly started the backyard chicken craze that's sweeping the West.  Plus, James Beard?  He was huge!  And so is the award named after him.

Also, I can't believe we didn't take advantage of this holiday at the twins three-year-old birthday party on Saturday.  It would have made what was a pretty hectic and disorganized gathering of preschoolers (my mural painting idea was ruined by the rain) a lot more interesting.   Oh well, next year.

A thing I like
This "How to Make a Baby" video, via Mighty Girl.  
It's in Spanish so if you need a translation, just ask.

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