Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chard-from dirt to table

I am not really into food writing. I like MFK Fisher and all, but really, I'd almost always rather be eating than reading about eating. I feel the same way about reading about music (Nick Hornby is the exception here--this, for example, is brilliant) and visual art. Um, can't I just listen or see for myself and, like, skip all your droning about metallic finishes and discordant chords? Huge exception for my food writing friends, who are brilliant and who supply me with useful and delicious recipes so that I may eat (and here we are, back at my favorite hobby).
So, I'm not going to get too food-porn about our chard but I will say that this evening I harvested our rainbow chard, sauteed it up with some garlic and red pepper flakes and then put it on a pizza with a cornmeal crust. And, it was delish. Like I'm-so-not-going-to-look-good-in-a-bikini-in-Italy good. But that's just the way I roll. I will always choose a little cellulite over a dinner that bores me.

1 comment:

MirandaJ said...

that looks soooooo delicious. i wish that i had one of those chard pizzas right. now.

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