Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A chicken coop to call our own

Last Saturday we (well, the Mister and our friend Mark) had themselves a good old fashioned barn raising. By which I mean they drank beer and almost finished a sweet little 3'x4' chicken coop.  
Here's the thing: despite what he thinks, The Mister is not all that handy.  And here's the other thing: despite what I think, I am not all that laid back.  I want to be what my friends and I call a "simple mellow"  You know the type: no makeup, enjoys mountain biking, owns lots of fleece, doesn't screech at her husband during parties, would be totally happy with any old coop.  Alas. Not me.
So, I was a little worried about the whole DIY coop thing.  I was a little worried about buying all this mismatched, salvaged wood at Building Resources and just letting the Mister go all commando on the coop design.  Because, well, I know myself well enough to know that I couldn't love an ugly coop.  Furthermore, an ugly coop might just ruin the whole chicken husbandry experiment for me altogether.
So you can imagine my relief when I saw this beaut.

The Mister's face is peeking though our egg collecting door 

Don't you just love its modern lines and clean design? I am so in love with our little coop I don't know what to do with myself. Now it just needs a roof and some paint. It's going to have a pink window.  Set at a jaunty angle.  A PINK window, people! Could life get any better than that?

A thing I like

This video of Maggie trying to catch a chicken.  Is it just me or is this effing hilarious? Oh, and please note the pink window in the background.


HBW said...

three things:
1. doesn't your husband have enough fleece to go around? i mean, i always thought the whole "simple mellow" thing was appealing because the SMs pair off know what? you never told me what the NOT-SMs are called? you always just said, "there's the Simple Mellows...and then there's us." what are we? the Strung-Out-Emos? anyway, he's got the fleece. you screech when you get wine in you. sounds fair.

2. i can't enjoy this video whatsoever. i mean, sure maggie is adorable and the chicken doesn't even look too terrified. but i can't enjoy it because i watch you all there out in your garden with your veggies and coop and kids and chicks and i think of Woody. Woody confined to the basement, nose pressed up against the backdoor wanting so much to be out there and a part of the wholesome fun and i feel sad for him. his little splotch of garden is now dedicated to lettuce-and-poultry.

3. i couldn't love an ugly chicken coop either. i'm glad yours isn't.

wayne's mom said...

Too hilarious, too effing hilarious, love your chickens and your coop and kids....

Bob Banner / HopeDance said...

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