Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All 86,400 seconds in the day

Image available here.

I realized yesterday morning, as I was microwaving my oatmeal, that every second of my day is accounted for.  Ninety seconds before the oatmeal dings?  Time enough to wipe down lunch boxes, pack two yogurts, and put carrot sticks in plastic baggie. Need to pee? What a good opportunity to carry this basket of laundry back up the stairs. Kids eating grapes?  Check email.
I miss the days when staring off into space was a perfectly good way to spend and extra 30 seconds.  And, honestly, we Schoechs are built for it.  As my brother has said, "Never interrupt a Schoech in the middle of a good stare."

A thing I like

Elizabeth with Ruby.  Photo by E. Spencer Toy
The way our Sunset researcher Elizabeth Jardina smacks down Slate's Jack Shafer bogus article on the fake chicken trend.  All I can say is, "You're in over your head, Jack.  Elizabeth knows chickens and she knows her shit." 

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