Saturday, June 6, 2009

The cost of backyard chickens

Behold!  Our chickens live outside.  The coop and run are complete.  The poop and feathers have been vacuumed from the garage.  The dryer has been scraped and cleaned of hardened flecks of chicken shit.  This is the moment I've been waiting for.
And just how much has this whole thing cost us so far?  A breakdown:
Chicks ($4.50 each), feed, lamp, cage, the whole starter shebang: $101
Salvaged wood and window for coop: $40
Straw, more feed, chicken feeder and water dispenser: $90
Plastic roofing material, chicken wire, and hardware cloth: $102
TOTAL: $ 333

We pay almost $4 per dozen for organic eggs.  If my math is correct, we will break even on our 999th egg.  Who feels like a sucker? Not me.  I'm still glad we did it.


deetles said...

I love it! Those ladies are living in style! I questioned the up front costs for our chickens too, but come late summer when we have all those fresh eggs I think it will be worth it!

HBW said...

i am so impressed. can pete come over and build me a HBW-Run? like here on the corner of my street? i don't need that much room and i can fork out about 300 bucks.

MirandaJ said...

and i am impressed by your math skills.
or should i say 'skilz'?

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