Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How not to organize your time

Today is my second day of true unemployment and already I can tell I'm falling into that weird timeless time where my to-do list gets longer and the days gets shorter and I keep eating weird things out of the fridge (to wit: one Thai shrimp dumpling and a spoonful of cold brown rice), and I start to feel sort of greasy and filmy and my outfits get worse and worse.

My to-do list contains the following items, verbatim:
--write novel
--exchange tanbark
--make headboard
--update website
--look into unemployment insurance
--clean out garage
--pitch stories to Cookie, Sierra, Coastal Living, etc

And then, of course, there are all the reoccurring things like sweeping and dishes and blow drying my hair. I can't figure out how to organize myself. So instead I sit on the couch stumbling through the world wide web until I find myself on Christian organic farming blogs.

But pretty soon I'm going to get serious, real serious. As soon as I buy a craft mat I can get right down to novel writing. Or maybe I should hang the teacup hooks first?

A thing I Like
A day at the Sonoma County Fair with my family.


krista said...

the baby just went down for a nap so i really should get the hall closet organized into my "crafting nook" so that i can actually make all the things i want to make because then i will be able to find someone who will pay me for my writing and my daughter will stop screaming when she wants one of us to look at her and then i will bake cupcakes for fun and not gain weight. for now, i've got googlereader tamed.

Anonymous said...

That Mister sure is good-looking. I'd rather have him than any job!

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