Sunday, September 6, 2009

Come on, eggs!

Ahem, it's September 6th and our chickens are still no-good lay abouts intent on eating our table scraps and giving us nothing in return. They're like your belching brother-in-law who drinks all your beer and leaves a funny smell on your couch.
That's right, no eggs yet.
All the dates for the Guess the Date of the First Egg contest have come and gone. Wanna have another go? Leave your guess here. It's week 21, if you're the type to do research into these things, and we are dealing with two cuckoo morans and one barred rock.
Prizes still stand.
Ladies and gentlemen, good luck.


Simply Mel said...

Aha! I was just thinking of this today after I read your comment regarding Morocco (and yes, I do follow the great Maryam!).

So...let's see, when will those little 'peckers' (no pun intended) lay their golden goodness?

I'm going for September 20th!

Pete said...

I'm beginning to question whether eggs really come from hens or not. I think you really must buy them at the market. But I'll play along. September 22nd, the vernal equinox, is my revised guess.

deetles said...

I'm in the same annoying top it off, one of my eight started jumping on top of the others and crowing - proving that she's a he. I'm just wondering at this point if I've just got one rooster and a bunch of hens that are duds. My guess on your eggs: This Saturday, September 12th...hopefully!

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