Friday, August 7, 2009

chicken pozole and huge egg giveaways

That's a decoy egg so they know what they are supposed to do in that box

This is the one year anniversary of this blog. My second entry, back when I was still a blogging newbie, was about the Sonoma Co. Fair and we are headed back this afternoon to ride more ponies and eat fried things off of sticks. The circle of life and all that.

As of yesterday at 5 o'clock I am officially unemployed. Although I am not all broken up about it, I do feel at loose ends. As I've said, I'm not exactly sure what's next for me. I'll be doing a lot of work shifts at my kids' co-op nursery school. I plan to get totally ripped. I'm going to write a draft of the novel I've been working on. I might chip away at my 39 Things list by building that headboard, and I'll definitely clean out the garage. But I'm sure I'll also spend way too much time shuffling around the house, organizing the junk drawer, getting sidetracked by old photo albums and picking at otherwise invisible facial blemishes until they turn into scabs. It should be pretty fun.

I will also be minding my remaining chickens, biding my time until they finally start laying eggs. Which brings me to our next topic: The Guess the Date of the First Egg Contest. Today they are 17 weeks old. According to most experts chicken begin to lay around 20 weeks. But it could be earlier. Pick the correct date and I will hand-deliver a dozen fresh eggs to you. If you don't live in San Francisco, I will send you an Eggling planter so you can grow fresh thyme. It's a score either way, so start your guessing. The comments are open.

Finally, Tilly was delicious. First I made him into broth then I made him into pozole. He fed 8 people and we still have some soup left over. Thanks, Tilly.

Tilly all naked and ready to go

Tilly all picked and ready to be soup

Tilly pozole

Lee Anne happily sniffing Tilly pozole. Yum.


Simply Mel said...

Okay...I'm 'laying' my bet for August 19th!

Now come on little chicks and get to work, my lil' crumb needs some eggs!

AND here's to unemployment! Organize, socialize, and enjoy this corporate reprieve!

krista said...

um...august 18th.
although i'm never right about these things.
hey...i saw your reading list...
have you read 'a trip to the stars' by nicholas christopher?
it's AMAZING. seriously.

Pete said...

September 4th. If I win, I will donate my eggs to a town hall meeting about health care at which any Republican representative is speaking.

Anonymous said...

I'm divining that it will be on my dad's b-day--8/20. It will be SO good to see you when you bring the eggs to Philly. I'll buy you a cheesesteak for your efforts.

HBW said...

well, i believe the egg-laying will be induced by my arrival in san francisco. the 24th of september, maybe 1pm, as the plane touches down on the tarmac. i'll just have my mother take me right to your place, where you'll have an omelette waiting.

unemployment plan. open a green apple in berlin. it's the kind of city where kindles will never ever be in fashion. please, we shall discuss. now i have to go sift through old letters, do a facial mask, and clean out my underwear drawer.

CSchoech said...

August 24th, I think.

Anonymous said...

I'll vote for my Dad's birthday - August 26th, just to have a vote in for some eggs!

HenryTheFirst said...

August 29th. It's my grandparents' anniversary, and Sundays are great days for laying (around). And they had better deliver, or I'll have to remind them what happened to Tilly.

Samantha B. said...

September 5th is my guess. (I feel a little creepy leaving a guess, as I've never commented before, but I have been reading your blog for several weeks now and have been thoroughly entertained. So, thanks!)

HBW said...

shT! i meant to write AUGUST 24TH!! not september 24TH!! than that CSchoech stole it!


Susan Borie said...

September 3rd- come on Coco!

CSchoech said...

HBW..I'll meet you in SF and share that omelette. August 24th was the first date that popped into my head because it's my lovely son's birthday. I would love to meet you!

Anonymous said...

OK next wager: August 30.

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