Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick

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First, let me just remind you of how much I love comments. Comments are better than brownies or endless fields of mustard in bloom. Better than airshows. Better than shoes you buy at Nordstrom Rack because they are so cheap. They are better than being stopped by a stranger and told you look like Kate Winslet. They are better than making every green light and better than those new 100 calorie York Peppermint candy bars.

They are not better than trips to Venice or the way the tummy skin of my kids feels. They are not better than renting a house in Stinson for the weekend and cooking dinner with a bunch of friends. They are not better than this conversation I had with Oliver on the way to school this morning. Still, keep 'em coming.

What school does Georgia go to?

She goes to big kid school. She's a second grader.

What's a second grader?

When you are six you are a first grader, when you are seven you are a second grader, when you are eight...

And I know another important one that is sharp! A cheese grater!

I blame the Mister for what is obviously a genetic trait toward puns.


Pete said...

I'd say he's cute, but that's obvious and trite. I'd say his puns are great, but he got that from me. I'd say you're a great writer, but it might be embarrassing, so I just shouldn't comment maybe? But you WANT comments. . . .What to do, what to do?

PS. The word verification tool that I had to type to comment said "bithings." Do you really control that? Weird.

Simply Mel said...

He is one 'sharp' kid!

Inner Toddler said...

I meant to comment when I first read this but I got distracted, probably by something shiny. You are FUNNY. And so are your kids. Keep the posts coming and I'll keep the comments coming.

krista said...

better than being stopped by a stranger and being told you look like kate winslet? surely you jest. nothing's better than that.
oh, except for baby love. yes, there is always that.

um, my word verification is 'uncommi' which i know is not a word but i'm totally going to use it in sentences today as if it is and see if people notice.

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