Friday, November 20, 2009

Bless this mess

Since I seem to like airing a certain amount of dirty laundry online, I thought I'd share with you what my house looks like after three days of single-parenting (the Mister is on a very bromantic hiking trip until 5PM today).

I used to get so irritated at my mother's poor housecleaning when I was a kid. I would mop the kitchen floor and wipe down the oven doors just to satisfy my own standards of clean (oddly, laundry didn't concern me and instead of washing my clothes, I took to dousing them in Jean Nate and going to school smelling like a molding citrus).

But now I have a little more sympathy. In order to keep this place clean, cleaning is literally ALL I would be able to do. And frankly, washing the sippy cups, and cleaning up the wooden train parts, and folding the laundry, and vacuuming up the sand, and sweeping the crumbs, and putting the books away gets old real fast.
So, here you go, a before and after. Boy, will I be happy to see the Mister (and not just for his superior dish washing skills).

The house as it is normally (or a little better than usual)

living room

Our bedroom

The bathroom

The house after three days of going it alone.

The living room

living room (with diapers)

Our bedroom (Maggie peed on the sheets 48 hours ago and I haven't changed them yet)

The bathroom (why pick up the bath toys
when you're just going to get them all out again tomorrow?

The hall (sadly, you cannot see the grime on the rug)

The kitchen (this is looking pretty good, actually.
I recycled the paper and put the oatmeal bowls in the sink)


Simply Mel said...

It seems the same tornado no-neck monsters have rummaged your home too! Where did they come from?

krista said...

hey, the lived in look works too...and where did you get the kids' beds? i love them...

TKW said...

My kids KILL my house. Kill it. Hubs and I have a pact that we will not buy anything nice until the girls are in high school...otherwise, we'd spend most of our time crying about our expensive/destroyed things.

Glad to have found you!

Up Mama's Wall said...

Thanks guys. Krista: the beds are second-hand IKEA (talk about cheap) that I painstakingly painted white.

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