Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Riddle Me This

Our preschool does not allow "superhero" play. You can be a superhero (capes, super powers, and jet packs are okey-dokey, but you can't run around reenacting the last episode of Spiderman or shooting people). But that doesn't keep my kids from being very interested in the idea of super heroes ("they save people") and, even more intriguing, bad guys.

Today they were asking me about bad guys on the way home from school. I was trying for the life of me to remember what was so terrible about the Penguin (was it the scary waddle?), until I thought to ask them to tell me about bad guys they know. And here, for all you struggling comic book writers out there, is a list of the best bad guy names ever, courtesy of Oliver and Maggie. We want royalties.

1. Elias Battle (he'll lure you with promises of honey but then he'll "take your honey bunches")
2. Tiger Roseshoe (same thing, but with ice cream cones)
3. Horesey Tatorsey (not exactly sure, but he does have guns and a mean laugh)

1 comment:

molly said...

Sooo..... you can dress up like a superhero but not act like one? Can you save people if it doesn't involve shooting? That sounds like a very exhausting rule, what with it being so subjective.

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