Monday, August 9, 2010

That's BAgina to you, buddy

Oliver has been really into taking photographs lately. Recently, while at Yosemite, the Mister and I asked him to take one of us with a view of the valley behind.

He snapped this:

Then looked at it and said, "I tried to get you both, but I only got mom's vagina." And that, my dear readers, is the danger of teaching your kids anatomical terms.


Inner Toddler said...

oh that made me laugh. thank you.

Mel - City Girl Style Diva said...

HAHA! kids rule! :) great blog by the way! i'm a mommy-to-be and have enjoyed readying your blog. follow me at one or both of my blogs!
mel -or-

Lydia said...

That is hilarious! I loved the way you wrote this, and of course adding the (excellent?) photo is frosting on the cupcake.

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