Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 things about my daughter

This "25 things about me" thing has been going around on Facebook and I've been tagged a couple of times.  I'm tempted to do it but, I don't know, blogging seems self-indulgent enough.  I mean, how interested can people possibly be in me?  Don't answer that.
I decided I would try to do it for my children.  Mind you, I do not speak for them.  These are strictly MY things about them.
Maggie first.
1. Maggie could be seen kicking her brother in the head in utero on ultrasounds.
2. Maggie's favorite color is purple.  It's also the only one she can consistently pick out of a lineup.
3. Maggie's eyes are crazy, crazy beautiful blue.
4. She can wiggle her eyebrows like a vaudeville villian.
5. Maggie is fearless in the water but she can't yet swim.
6. So far, her dancing shows a worrisome lack of rhythm.
7. She sucks her thumb, which I love.
8. On New Year's Eve, when the Mister came home from work, she took his hand and lead him toward the cheese platter saying, "We're having a party, join us and have some cheese."
9. Maggie LOVES her grandmothers.
10.  She can imitate accents.  Her best ones are Midwestern and stuffy lady from the '40s.
11. She's been to Delaware, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Connecticut, and Hawaii.
12. She's been to Mexico twice.
13. Her first word was "agua", same as her brother's. 
14. She hates all barrettes, headbands and ponytail accouterments, much to her mother's dismay.
15. When she sings "Happy Birthday" she sounds all breathy, just like Marilyn Monroe.
16. She loves to make "bunny holes," where she goes to hide from the foxes.
17. She talks a big game about loving our dog, but there is much evidence to the contrary.
18. She often prefers her daddy.  Except when she's hurt.  Then it's mommy all the way.
19. She calls my dad "Yeah Yeah" and my step-dad "Bigotes," which means mustache in Spanish.
20. She thinks "Bigotes" means Big Gotes.
21. Maggie likes salami, brie and tofu but won't eat pizza, nuggets, french fries or ketchup.
22. She's had an astonishing throwing arm since she could sit up.
23. Once, at Stinson Beach, I let her run as far away from me as she would go.  After 25 yards she disappeared into the fog and I had to chase her down.  I have no idea how long it would have taken her to get scared.  Maybe forever.
24. She prefers me to tell her stories rather than read them.  She particularly likes to hear about Santa.
25. When her baby dolls get hungry they still nurse from me, not her.

Next post: 25 things about Ollie.

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