Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What didn't happen in 2008

The end of the year is coming and so my mind turns to lists and accomplishments and—alas, it is hard being me—failures.  
Ten things that didn't happen this year:
1. My anthology proposal failed to "inspire the proper enthusiasm" with my new agent.
6. I did not plant a veggie garden.
7. I did not finish papering my hallway doors.
8. I did not discover my god-given talent for performance story telling.
9. I did not achieve the proper "body after baby" according to People Magazine
10. I did not always remember my pledge to reach out with kindness to everyone I know.

But stay tuned, because tomorrow's list is Ten Things That Did Happen This Year.  

Plus, there's still time: 22 days to be exact.  That's 31,680 minutes of potential.

1 comment:

hilary belle said...

counting blessings. you scolded me about that two days ago. where's your list of positives, woman?

(can we make a phone date? before they cut off my service again?)

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