Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What did happen in 2008

Oh, and I painted!

Well, I've been thinking about this all day, about what I would write and what I might list as the positive events or accomplishments of my own personal 2008.  And let me tell you, this will be an exercise in counting my blessings because all-in-all 2008 has not been one of my better years.  
Here goes, ten things that DID happen this year:
1. It got easier, just like everyone said it would.
2. Maggie stopped wearing diapers just in time for the economic crisis (that's about $100 a month).
3.  We raised $10,000 for Barack Obama and then he won.
4. The Mister and I had our very first weekend away without the kiddies (we went to Santa Barbara).
5. I rearranged my living room and it looks much better. See?
7. I joined Facebook, started blogging, discovered Etsy, had my first IM conversation , and figured out how to do a video chat with my in-laws. I am Samantha 2.0.
8. I bought my first pair of truly expensive jeans and came to understand why they were worth it.
9. I traveled to Mexico, Delaware, Oklahoma, Petaluma, Calistoga, Yountville, Santa Barbara, and Carmel.
10. I kept my offspring alive and mostly happy and seem to have imparted to them the importance of getting funky, real funky, on the dance floor. 

So that's it–it's not a Nobel Prize or even a book contract.  But in my defense I am coming off a couple of real stellar years.  And at least it's not a van down by the river.

New daily feature alert:
A thing I like

This amazingly funny, deadpan, smart novel about fictional Grouse County, Iowa in the '80s by a guy I've never heard of.  Read it.  It's great.  The End of Vandalism by Tom Drury.


Anonymous said...

I've read another of Drury's books and he's funny.

And, ahem, this book is also available closer to home for SF Bay Area folks, and at a nice price:

LAT said...

Good job! I think that's a whole lot of good stuff for the year. I'd add, number 11, you continued your tradition of being a stellar, hilarious, superb kick ass friend and told many a fine joke to enliven Lisa's days.

Number 12, you surpassed previous year's fashions accomplishments and continued the retired ballet dancer theme with grace and savoir faire.

Number 13, You resurrected the much beloved writing group tradition and made it SO MUCH FUN.

I'll stop with lucky 13 but there's more.

Also, how'd you stumble across that book? Funny. It came out when I was at Iowa and I did a whole long profile of Tom Drury for an arts mag there, the one Todd Kimm was editor of.

Laura said...

Lest not forget creating a blog that makes people all over the world smile (well, at least in England). And motivating me to spend more time appriciating my days and thoughts (see, you are inspriational as well)

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